Module 9: Introduction to P-RAP

Introduction to P-RAP

- Module 9 -


  • Become familiar with the Post-Residential Action Plan (P-RAP); Use the placement goal sheet to help the graduate achieve his goals in his Post Residential Action Plan (P-RAP)

Key Points:

The Post-Residential Action Plan (P-RAP) is a tool that supports the process of goal development and action planning for the Residential and Post-Residential Phases. Some programs have their own names for the Post-Residential Action Plan, including the “Cadet Action Plan” (CAP), or “My Action Plan” (MAP).

Regardless of name, the tool provides the roadmap to a Cadet’s success. The written plan, created by each Cadet, provides the Cadet with training in how to set goals and make plans while keeping ownership of their future. In short, the P-RAP is “the link between the ChalleNGe Program and Post-Residential success. The P-RAP serves four functions:

  1. Helps Cadets identify and obtain more durable placement
  2. Provide focus for mentoring relationships and guides Mentor responsibilities
  3. Increase Post-Residential accountability
  4. Helps Post-Residential staff to monitor placement activities, and work with Cadets in the Post-Residential Phase.

The Mentor should use the P-RAP as a basis for conversations with the Cadet, and use the plan as a guide in helping the Cadet succeed.

Post Residential Action Plan (P-RAP)

A written plan outlining the specific goals of the mentee for one year after graduation. During this time, you will be assisting the graduate in staying on track with those goals.

Post Residential Goals

The goal plan will be completed by week 16. All goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals.

There are 3 Post Residential Goals

  1. Placement: Employment, Military, Education, Volunteerism
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing


The National Guard ChalleNGe Program is committed to the education of young people. Success in this program requires personal commitment, hard work, and a clear focus. All cadets will need to identify a goal for each of the Eight Core Components as a road map to guide graduates towards successful completion of this program. Each goal completed will be a SMART goal.

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