The basic eligibility qualifications for acceptance into the program are:

1. 16-18 years of age

2. At risk of leaving school before graduating or have already dropped out.

Please do not withdraw applicant unless he/she has been notified of acceptance.

3. Citizen or legal resident of the United States

4. Unemployed or under- employed

5. Not currently on parole or probation for anything other than juvenile status offenses. Not serving time or awaiting sentencing, not under indictment or charged and not convicted of a felony or capital offense.

6. Drug free?

7. Physically and mentally capable to participate in the Program with reasonable accommodation for physical and other disabilities

A mandatory drug screening will be conducted at the end of the Pre-ChalleNGe Phase. Applicants may NOT proceed to the Residential ChalleNGe Phase if they test positive for the presence of illegal drugs.

If you have questions about eligibility and qualifications for the Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy, call 800-507-6253 today!