Module 6: Placement Definitions and Goals

Placement Definitions and Goals

- Module 6 -

Review the page below and complete the Mentor Training quiz for module 6


  • Become familiar with placement goals and how to meet them

Placement Explanation

  • Cadets are expected to have full-time placement when they graduate YCA.
  • It may take more than one activity to fulfill full-time placement.
  • 25 hours is required for work & volunteering.

Residential Phase

  • Using the “Primary Placement After Graduation” form as a guide, you will report to YCA every month for a year about what the cadet is doing.

What is a “Placement Goal” for Primary Placement?

Placement Definitions

Education – write the name of the institution on the line. A GED program is considered full-time. Other programs of study of 12 or more hours is considered full-time. All others are considered part-time. Write in the begin and end dates as they are applicable.

Military – There are two types- active and reserves. Basic training and active are considered full-time. Reserves is part-time except for basic training. That is considered full-time. Mentors will remain in contact with active duty soldiers electronically and the mentor will continue to submit monthly reports. There is a military waiver for face-to-face meetings.

Employment – Every month write the name of the employer, rate of pay, hours, date of hire, and check the box for full or part time. 25 hours per week is considered full-time by YCA standards.

Volunteer – volunteer forms are included in your packet. If a mentee is volunteering, have the personnel at the place he is volunteering fill out the form. Again, 25 hours is considered full-time.