Mississippi Youth Challenge Academy graduates are eligible for scholarship during the Post­ Residential Phase of the program.

Graduate must have earned his/her Adult High School Diploma from Challenge Academy. The completion of the eight core components, with emphasis on academic records and conduct scores will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. The Deputy Director, Program Coordinator, Lead Instructor, Lead Counselor and Mentor Coordinator will be on the Scholarship Committee.

Graduate must be enrolled in a vo-tech, junior college or university in full time status (12hours or more) to be eligible for the scholarship.

To request a scholarship the following items must be mailed to YCP for review by the
Scholarship Committee:

  1. Registration form with classes listed
  2. Fee sheet for the quarter or semester
  3. Address of school graduate will be attending
  4. Graduates current address and phone number
  5. Send the request for scholarship with the attachments to: Youth Challenge Academy
    Building 80, Halloran Ave. Camp Shelby, MS 39407-5500

Recommendation to award or not award scholarship will be submitted to the Director for disposition within ten days of receiving a request.

A Challenge Scholarship Approval will be completed and sent through the chain of command for final acceptance.

Scholarship check with Graduates name and social security number will be sent directly to the school where the graduate will be attending.

A letter will accompany the check stating that if the graduate drops out that the scholarship money left over will be returned to the Challenge Academy to be used for further scholarships.