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MS Youth ChalleNGe Academy Online Mentor Training

Mentoring: The Core of Youth Challenge

~TIP~: Before starting your Online Training, we strongly encourage you to view the  Mentor Training Question Sheet that you will complete as you go through the Training Modules. After all modules have been completed and the answer sheet submitted, you will receive feedback showing your results . When you complete the Quiz you will receive  a Certificate of completion and we will also receive one for our records.

Mentors – The Core of Challenge

Our Mentors are not “rookies.” They are positive, energetic people, who know the value of preparation. We have a strong curriculum, with both Online and Onsite components. Ten (fifteen-minute) web-based e-learning modules are available below for your convenience. Follow the simple steps below to complete the Online Training, Take the Quiz on the bottom link and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Click Module link, review lesson, watch videos, and listen to audios.
  • Answer Questions on “Mentor Training Questions Sheet.”
  • Familiarize yourself with resources and complete the activities.

Module 1: Welcome to the ChalleNGe Team

Module 2: Overview of the ChalleNGe Program

Module 3: What is a Mentor and Roles of the Mentor and Mentee?

Module 4: Characteristics of a Mentor

Module 5: The Case Manager & Reporting

Module 6: Placement Definitions and Goals

Module 7: MS YCA Policies

Module 8: Expectations of the Relationship

Module 9: Introduction to P-RAP

Module 10: Communication Between Mentor and Mentee

Module 11: Mentor / Mentee Agreement

MS Youth ChalleNGe Academy Online Mentor Training Quiz