Mentor Application


  • Be same gender as applicant
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Live within commuting distance of applicant
  • Be willing to make the 12 month commitment to applicant
  • Attend mandatory mentor meeting on “Mentor Training Day” to be held at Camp Shelby
  • Mentors cannot be persons closely related (parent/step-parent, sibling/step-sibling/ or in-laws)
  • Mentors cannot reside in the same household
  • If you are considering relocation, before submitting application, be sure you will still be within commuting distance of the mentee.

Please print out two mentor applications (one for the primary mentor and one for an alternate mentor), complete them and mail the two Mentor Applications to the Mississippi Challenge Academy, Building 80, ATTN: Mentor Coordinator, Camp Shelby, MS 39407.