Academic Curriculum

The Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy provides individualized instruction based on each cadet’s personal needs in order to prepare the cadet to take and pass the GED test. Classes are concentrated in the four areas tested on the General Education Development (GED) certificate test; Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts.

The Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy uses The Adult Basic Education (TABE) test to measure incoming and outgoing performance that correlates to traditional secondary school grade levels. This initial assessment of skill level is conducted soon after arrival. Teachers use the results from this assessment to develop individualized education plans. The exit TABE test determines the successful completion of the Academic Excellence Core Component and is given approximately 18 weeks into the program.

Academic classes are taught in the classroom and in computer labs where each student works on lessons designed to reinforce their classroom instruction. The computer lessons are self paced allowing cadets to progress at their own level of proficiency.

While not a requirement for graduating from the Academy, obtaining a GED is the primary reason many Mississippi youth choose to attend the Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy. Approximately 12 weeks into the program cadets will begin take the GED test and scores are generally available within one to two weeks.  Cadets who do not pass initially will have at least two other opportunities to pass the GED test.


The Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy offers vocational and technical courses taught by qualified instructors. The Academy offers the following Vocational courses.

Carpentry:  Students learn the fundamentals of wall frame construction and will construct the wall of a typical house. Students study carpentry, tools, and safety. Students also assist in Academy carpentry projects.

Electrical:  Students learn the fundamentals of electrical wiring. Students study house wiring, electrical components, tools and safety. Students will wire electrical components in a simulated wall frame.

Welding:  Students learn the basics of welding, the terminology, types of welding and welding equipment, safety gear and equipment.  Students will conduct hands-on training with various metals and types of welding machines.


Cadets have the opportunity to take the ACT and earn up to 15 college credit while here at the Academy. The Mississippi ChalleNGe Academy, in cooperation with a local institution of higher learning, offers college courses to those students who successfully pass all four portions of the GED test on the first try. Classes are offered in the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, health, physical education, and business, among others. The tuition for these classes is payable by the student or his family; however, most of our students qualify for financial aid in the form of Pell grants, and many of our students earn scholarships upon graduation from the Academy.